Saturday, 30 November 2013

Keith Andrews - President, Institute Refractories Engineers

Keith Andrews - President, Institute of Refractories Engineers

Born near Sheffield, South Yorkshire in the UK. Keith is married and has two married children, Dawn and Steven. Following graduation in Metallurgy and a postgraduate Masters degree in Material Science and Metallurgy, he moved to Worcester (UK) in 1973, where he still lives.

Keith was initially employed by BISRA, the independent metallurgical research Institute, in Sheffield, which later became part of British Steel Corporate Laboratories. There he worked on special projects, including; Ladle Steelmaking, Bottom-blown Bessemer Steelmaking and the Metallurgical Properties of Aerospace Turbines.

Keith has been in the refractories industry since 1973 when he joined Morganite Crucible in Worcester as New Products Manager. Since then he has held senior Sales and Marketing positions in several major refractory and metallurgical groups, including; Morgan Crucible, Foseco International, Hepworth Refractories and Vesuvius. He was a senior partner with PACT Consulting for 6 years and latterly been Director and General Manager with a spin-off engineering company from the old  Vickers Armstrong Aerospace Group.

Keith has travelled extensively and has a record of success in International business development in a broad range of industrial and commercial markets, including; Process industries, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Aerospace, Defence, Oil & Gas, and Electronics.

He has been a member of the IRE for over 30 years, Chairman of the UK Midlands branch until 2006 and a member of the General Council since that time.